Advertising and Sponsorship Policy

Please read the following advertising and sponsorship policy carefully. By accessing the Spin Gates website, you acknowledge and agree to comply with this policy.

Operation of Advertisements

Advertisements on our website are presented in two different ways. Some advertisements are directly added by us, while others are displayed to users by advertising networks based on their algorithms.

Compliance with Laws

We strive to ensure that the displayed advertisements comply with applicable laws. We take into consideration the content, presentation, and legal requirements in the countries where the advertisements are published. However, as it is not possible to control the content of all advertisements, it is important to notify us if any advertisement is found to be in violation of the law.

Notification and Prompt Action

If an advertisement is found to be non-compliant with the law, we will take immediate action to stop its publication and remove it. The safety of our users and compliance with legal requirements are our top priorities.

Sponsorship Relationships

We ensure that sponsored content on our website reflects the endorsement of brands or products. We take care to clearly identify sponsored content and enable readers to distinguish it from regular content.

Compliance with Laws of All Countries

At Spin Gates, we respect and strive to comply with the laws of all countries worldwide. Notifying us of any non-compliant advertisements or sponsorship relationships allows us to take corrective measures and remove them if necessary.

Our advertising and sponsorship policy outlines how our advertising activities operate and our commitment to legal compliance. It covers both advertisements presented through advertising networks and those directly added by us. We prioritize legal compliance and user safety. We commit to promptly address any identified non-compliant advertisements by taking appropriate measures.

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