Our Responsible Gaming Policy

Our goal is to provide our users with a responsible and conscious gaming experience. We believe that gambling can be an enjoyable activity when done for entertainment purposes only and played responsibly. Therefore, our Responsible Gaming Policy reflects the following principles:

Conscious Gaming

We emphasize that gambling games are meant for entertainment purposes only and should be played in a controlled manner. We expect our users to set their own limits and conduct their gaming activities within those limits.

Limits and Controls

Our users have the ability to exercise control over factors such as gaming duration, betting amounts, and losses. Our website supports users in protecting themselves by providing tools and features for these purposes.

Information and Awareness

We aim to raise awareness among our users by providing informative content about gambling addiction. This content covers topics such as addiction symptoms, risk factors, and sources of help. Our goal is to help users recognize potential risks and seek assistance when needed.

Age Restrictions

The games on our website are only offered to users who meet the legal age requirements. Age verification measures are implemented to prevent access by minors. This way, we aim to protect young people and children.

Licensed Game Providers

We offer our users games provided by licensed and trustworthy game providers. This demonstrates that we provide a fair gaming experience and strive to earn the trust of our users. Licensed games are those that are audited and offered in a reliable manner.

Support and Communication

We provide various channels for users to seek support and communicate with us. Through options such as the communication form or live chat available on our website, we can answer users' questions and provide assistance.

This Responsible Gaming Policy reflects our website's main policy and aims to ensure that our users experience a safe and responsible gaming environment. While we encourage our users to play responsibly, we also commit to supporting their awareness of gambling addiction and helping them seek assistance when necessary.

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